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The CEN WS-LT Learning Technology Standards Observatory

Uptake of learning technology standards is increasing, with numerous commercial products under development, and many R&D projects exploring the issues in this area. However,there is widespread confusion and misunderstanding about the relationships between the relevant standards and specifications, as well as between the organisations that develop, define, profile or implement them.

This is the rationale for the establishment of an accessible and sustainable web based repository that acts as a focal access point to projects, results, activities and organisations that are relevant to the development and adoption of e-learning technology standards.

Contents included in the Learning Technology Standards Observatory are mostly taken from the web sites of other institutions and bodies and edited for presentation.


The LTSO was originally developed through a CEN WS-LT call, with the financial support of the DG Enterprise.

The CEN Learning Technology Workshop was launched in February 1999. Its main objectives are:

  • Encouraging participation in global initiatives in order to ensure that diverse European requirements are properly addressed by those global initiatives.
  • Creating specifications, agreements, guidelines or recommendations where appropriate.
  • Providing a forum for the development and implementation of requirements-driven Learning Technologies.
  • Carefully examining and taking into account the various effects on learning and training technology standards which are due to the diversity of cultural backgrounds and languages that exists within Europe.
  • Publicizing the Learning Technologies Workshop's activities and results to Relevant European projects, Technology developers and end users.
  • Providing a forum for discussion for European project initiatives.

Several CEN Workshop Agreements(CWAs) have already been published as a result of this work . Current and future activities are identified in the Workshop business plan