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IMS Global Learning Consortium Releases Initial Public Draft of Learning Tools Interoperability 2

( 13/11/2012 )
New Version Promises Greater Extensibility and Substantial Benefits for the Learning and Educational Technology Communities
Lake Mary, Florida, USA - 13 November 2012 - The IMS Global Learning Consortium (IMS Global) today announced at the IMS quarterly meeting in Nashville, TN USA, the availability of the public draft specification of Learning Tools Interoperability 2 (LTI 2).

LTI 2 is the next generation of LTI, which has enabled digital content and application integrations into LMSs (learning management systems) and other campus systems at a 10-100 times improvement over alternative methods. LTI is playing a major role in reducing the barriers to adoption of innovative digital content and applications in the education marketplace. The current list of IMS LTI certified products are detailed on the IMS web site.

LTI 2 implementations and certified products will begin appearing in the marketplace within 6 months to a year time frame. LTI 2, which has been under development for several years, provides a more sophisticated and extensible platform for providing deeper integrations, and greater support for services and events. For example, tool providers will be able to specify where their links should appear in the LMS and provide support for user-selected languages. LMSs may notify tool providers when a course is copied, archived or restored to allow more dynamic messaging and updates between systems. LTI 2 builds on LTI 1 by incorporating more sophisticated outcomes reporting and a rich extensions architecture. LTI 2 uses REST and JSON-LD to deliver this new functionality.
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